Published Art/Articles

2012 -Write Up/Article on Deviant Art about my painting ‘Mediation in a Warzone’. (

2011 -United Kingdom. War: The Human Cost Book & CD project. ‘Infant in the Womb of Warfare’ & ‘These Bombs Are Tears From God’ published in this anti-war collection. (

2010 -USA /July. Antique Children: A Mischievous Literary Arts Journal. Image published in the magazine release Spit. (

2010 -Australia /February. SilkMilk#4 Silk. Images published as part of the magazine published in Australia. (

2009 -USA. Painting ‘Burning Womb, Burning City’ used as the cover art for crust punk/metal band ‘Dead to a Dying World’ LP and CD. (

2009 -Germany /March. Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler. Image and short bio included in the Lexicon of Fantastic Art published in Germany. (

2008 -USA /April – “Her Path to Divinity” published in HEX magazine. (

2007 -USA /December – Featured artist on the website for the Underground Art Union, with an updated gallery and a Q & A. Read this interview under my Bio page. (

2007 -France /July -One of ten featured artist included in the online journal of Visionary Art, Issue 4 of The Visionary Revue: Entheogens and Visionary Art. (

2007 -USA /May -One of four featured artists in an online magazine The Invisible College issue 2, presented by Including the artwork of Robert Venosa, Kathleen Preissing and Mike Crowley. (

2003-2005 -USA. Profane Existence. Provoked album covers. ‘Infant in the Womb of Warfare’ and ‘These Bombs Are Tears From God’ used for two albums by this Minneapolis thrash-influenced, anarcho-punk mayhem band, mixing classic d-beat thrash and monstrously powerful crust. (

News & Events

2013 -October /Seattle, WA. Cloud Gallery, ‘Cryptic Inclination’ Group Show.

2013 -April /Seattle, WA. Piranha Shop. “Myths, Fables & Legends”. The Hive Gallery and Studios from Los Angeles collaborates with the Seattle alternative art scene to bring you a show featuring over 100 local artists and 0ver 20 LA Artist.

2013 -January /Seattle, WA. True Love Gallery, ‘Dystopia’ Group Show.

2012 -December /Seattle, WA. Gallery [context], Seattle Design Center. ‘Human Nature’ group show. Featuring Andrew Gonzalez, Android Jones, Adam Scott Miller.

2012 -December /Seattle, WA. Apocalypse Tattoo Gallery. Solo Exhibition.

2012 -June /Seattle, WA. Apacolypse Tattoo Gallery. Show with painter Jennifer Myers.

2012 -January /Seattle, WA. Nautilus Studio. ‘Dis-Ease ‘Group show.

2011 -December /Seattle, WA. Art Not Terminal Gallery. ‘Rock the Terminal Show’ Group exhibition.

2011 -October. Seattle, WA. Seattle Art Museum. HP Lovecraft Film Fest/ Art Exhibition. (’s-visions-at-seattle-art-museum-last-weekend/)

2011 -June-July /Seattle, WA. Georgetown Liquor Company. Solo show as a part of Georgetown’s Art Attack/Carnival.

2010 -September /Seattle, WA. Esoteric Book Conference and Art Exhibition. Featured Artist and participated in a Q&A panel about Occult and Esoteric Art.

2009 -Graham Hancock website gallery. My art is included on a page representing visionary art influenced by Ayahuasca, for Graham’s book Supernatural. (

2009 -September /Seattle, WA. Esoteric Book Conference and Art Exhibition. Featured Artist.

2009 -November /Los Angeles, CA. Congregation Gallery. ‘2nd Annual Metal Show’. ‘War God Unleashed’ included in group exhibition.

2009 -June /Seattle, WA. Crypticon Horror Convention. Drawings and Painting included in the group art exhibit as part of the convention.

2009 -May. Online Exhibit. ArtRom Gallery, IT. ‘In Vision’ Fourth Place Winner. (

2008 -October /Portland, OR. HP Lovecraft Film Festival. Slides of my art shown as part of the film fest.

2008 -October /Seattle, WA. Solo exhibition at the Squid & Ink vegan café featuring pen & ink pieces used for several album covers.

2008 -September / Williamsburg, New York. Williamsburg Art & Historic Center Showing both versions of Entheogenic Garden of Eden as part of the Paradise Lost group show at the WAH center, celebrating the 400th birthday of John Milton. The Dark Night version (pen & ink) donated to the WAH center’s permanent Milton collection. (

2008 -September- Online gallery of images on the Surrealism Now! website for the International Surrealist Show 2008.

2008 -May- Two pieces show as part of the Interdimensional Art Show including many amazing artists; Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Alex Grey, David Heskin, Amanda Sage, Mark Henson, Aloria Weaver

2007 -July /Orcas Island, WA. Group exhibit for The 21st Oracle Gathering, Prophecy.

2007 -July /Iquitos, Peru. 3 prints in a group show as part of The 3rd International Amazonian Shamanism Conference.

2007 -June – Iquitos, Peru. 3 prints in a group show at the Universidad Particular de Iquitos. This show was with mostly indigenous artists showing work based on the influence of Ayahuasca on their art. Featuring the art of Moisés Llerena, Tomás Pizarro, Emilio Lopez and fellow gringo Jerod Knapp.

2006 -May /Seattle. Interdimensional Art Show: Two Pieces. Showcasing the visionary art of Andrew Gonzalez, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Kris Kuksi, and Alex Grey.

2005 -May -Seattle, WA. Wayward Vegan Café. Solo Exhibition.

2005 -May /Seattle, WA. Interdimensional Art Show. Group exhibition showcasing the visionary art of Andrew Gonzalez, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Kris Kuksi, Alex Grey, Mark Henson, David Heskin and more.

2005 -May 27th-29th /San Francisco, CA. Mind States. Two pieces shown as part of a Visionary art slide show in participation with the conference on consciousness called “Technology & Transcendence.”

2004-2005 -December /Seattle, WA. Mnemonic Gallery. Group Show “Revelations from the Midnight Sun” with four other artists including: Carlos Melgoza, Richard Harlan Webb & Stephan Fagan.

2004 – International Juried Online Symbolist Art Show Finalist. “The Artist as Shaman” being the only artist with 2 pieces selected. “Deaths Warm Embrace” and “Transformation of an Augmented Soul.”

2004 -November /Seattle, WA. Aurafice Internet Café/Gallery. Solo Exhibition.

2004 -October /Portland, OR. Oct. Slides of my work show on a big screen as a part of the HP Lovecraft Film Festival.

2003 -October /Seattle, WA. Aurafice Internet Café/Gallery. Solo Exhibition.

2003 -September /Williamsburg, NY. Williamsburg Art & Historical Center. ‘Transformation of an Augmented Soul’ shown as part of a historic group exhibition “Brave Destiny” . Including such noted artists as Dali, Ernst Fuchs and HR Giger. (

2003 -Seattle, WA. June 6. Contributed to a group show as part of a “Black Sun Gathering” benefit show at the Fenix Underground. This was a multi-media art festival including live music, dance, performance art, sculpture and visual arts.

2002 -Seattle, WA. May 9-June 6: Solo show at the “Fine Arts Gallery” at Seattle Central Community College. Also contributing a piece to the SCCC 2002 Student Invitational Exhibition. A multi-media group show, winning an Honorable Mention and the only painting recognized in the entire exhibit with an award.

2001 -Seattle, WA: Contributed to a group show as part of the World Horror Con.

2000 -November /Seattle, WA. Aurafice Internet Café/Gallery. First Solo Exhibition.

2000 -June-July /Payerbach, Austria. Participated in a group show 100 Sacred Visions running concurrently with a month long painting seminar Old Masters, New Visions, juried by Ernst Fuchs. Other artists participating and attending include, Andrew Gonzales, Amanda Sage, Voke and Laurence Caruana.

1999 -June /Seattle, WA. Contributed art in a group show for Foolscap a Sci/Fi convention with writers Octavia Butler & Greg Bear, panels and a visual art exhibit.

1994 -Berlin, Germany: Had a solo exhibit as part of a larger group show for the Alles Fest, a four day multi-media art festival including live music, dance, performance art, film and visual arts, while living in an artist squat in old East Berlin.

1993 -Seattle, Washington: Participated in a group show for Home Alive (women’s self defense non-profit organization)

1990/1993 -Seattle, WA: Took part in numerous group shows while attending the School of Visual Concepts.



2007 – Iquitos, Peru. June 8-18th: Participated in a Shamanic healing retreat in the Amazon utilizing the ethnogenic plant Ayahuasca. I facilitated the creative expression aspect of the seminar, working with about 10 students, teaching various techniques to help capture visions experienced.

2003 – Manuas, Brazil. January 21-31: I facilitated the creative expression aspect of the second seminar, working with about 15 students.

2003 – Manuas, Brazil. January 9-18: Participated in a Shamanic healing retreat in the Amazon utilizing the ethnogenic plant “Ayahuasca” with Visionary artists Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman. We worked with watercolors and colored pencils to capture creative expressions from our visionary experiences.

2002 – Seattle, WA: April 28: Participated in a weekend seminar with Visionary artist Alex Grey, doing color pencil drawings inspired by the “Chakras” working from the nude figure.

2001-2002 – Seattle, WA: Attended Seattle Central Community College, taking printmaking/etching and 3D animation classes.

2000 – Zurich, Switzerland. August: I had the pleasure of meeting H.R. Giger at his home. We talked art and he gave me an invaluable critique of some of the work I had with me.

2000 – Monaco (France). July: Studied with the renowned artist and original co-founder of the School of Fantastic Realism, Prof. Ernst Fuchs at his home, furthering my study of the Misch, and getting hands on lessons from the master himself. We set up our canvas in his studio painting next to him for hours on end, with him showing us how he works with pigments, rabbit-skin gesso and other valuable techniques.

2000 – Payerbach, Austria. June-July: Old Masters, New Visions. Participated in a month long painting seminar studying the Misch Technique with Prof. Phil Jacobson, and Michael Fuchs.

1990-1994 – Seattle, WA: Attended the School of Visual of Concepts, a non-credited fine arts school, taking numerous figure/life drawing classes, pastel, watercolor and beginning thru advanced oil painting classes.

1989 – Seattle, WA: Attended three quarters at the Art Institute of Seattle, before splitting over policy and teaching practices by the institute.